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Dormitory Nepal

Dormitory Nepal in short Dorm Nepal is a vacation rental, located in one of the most posh locations, in Kathmandu. We have opened up this hostel in Nepal, with a sole purpose of serving all kind of travelers to the country. Let it be budget travelers, volunteers, short term or long term visitors, we try our level best to provide comprehensive accommodation for all.

We have initiated this dormitory with a simple thought that a foreign friend to our land should never be worried about their where about and should get the best accommodation in budget, so that you can explore other opportunities available with more freedom.

This hostel is registered under the government of Nepal and is a licensed holiday rental to cater travelers from around the globe. We offer wide array of services from bed and breakfast to lunch and dinner and offer a residential, spacious ambiance. Our hostel is operated in a very antique infrastructure and has very spacious rooms and a big lawn with beautiful garden, a perfect holiday rental setting for sound rest.

Contact Information
Address : Baluwatar
Host(s) : Shaurab Lohani
Phone : +9779801127333
Fax :
Email :
Website : Dormitory Nepal Website
Language(s) spoken : English

Bathroom : Shared Breakfast Style : Cooked
Allows smoker(s)? : Yes Smoking Yes Children Allowed? : No Children No
Pet(s) at home? : No Pets No Internet access? : Yes Internet Yes
Wheelchair Accessible? : No Wheelchair No Parking Available? : Yes Parking Yes
Sun faced terrace and roof top, spacious lawn, car and bike rentals,

Payment & Polices
Price Range : 500-1200 NPR
Payment Methods : Cash
Check In/Check Out : anytime
Cancellation : Cancellations

Cancellations must be sent in writing to Dormitory Nepal and are only valid if confirmed in writing by Dormitory Nepal. The cancellation can be only done from the email address of the person in charge of reservation and inquiry.
Notice of cancellation – Individuals (any group size):
Less than 24 hours prior to arrival or no-show: Your deposit shall not be refunded
Notice of cancellation – Groups (5 or More):
Less than four weeks prior to arrival: 50% refund but payment upon arrival
Less than 1 week prior to arrival: no refund
Policies : General Rules

Hostel property cannot be used for any commercial purpose of any guest living in the property
Hostel is not responsible for any bodily harm, theft, loss or damage to any personal effects
Hostel will not refund any evicted guests
Guests will completely reimburse the hostel for any damages caused by inappropriate
Inappropriate usage of any emergency equipment or system is a serious offence and will be subject of fine and termination of residency
Inappropriate behavior within the hostel property will result in eviction, without refunds
To book a bed for infants it must be requested by email previously
For security reasons some common areas are under video surveillance
You are not permitted in the hostel facility after 10 pm on weekdays and 12:00am at weekends
3 warnings will be given for late arrivals and if repeated again, you will be asked to leave the facilities without refunds


Smoking is not permitted within the premises and taken as a very strong offence. Any guest found smoking within the building will be asked to leave the premises immediately and will not receive a refund.
There are designated smoking zones for smoking purpose.
Consuming Alcohol or drugs within the premises is strictly prohibited. The management reserves the right to confiscate alcohol or drugs found on the premises and ask you to leave from the very next day.
Drinking is also strictly prohibited in the premises of hostel except for some designated areas.
It is prohibited to bring weapons of any kind into the hostel, such action shall be reported to the law enforcement directly
Violations of the above rules will result in immediate termination of residency
Management has the right to refuse admission

Area Activities
What to see & do : UNESCO world heritage sites
Nearby town(s) :

Chundevi temple
Map :

Government of Nepal
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