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B&B Countryinn Zephyr

Just 3 hours from Tokyo(Shinjuku), here at Kirigamine-Highland,
you can breathe the fresh air, drink the clear mountain spring water,
see beautiful mountain flowers and wild birds, and enjoy trekking
with wonderful views of the Japan-Alps.

Seeing Mt. Tateshina in front and Mt. Asama in the north,
B&B Country Inn Zéphyr stands at a hill with a calm atmosphere.
It's a little hotel where you feel at home, and also appeals to senior generation.

Contact Information
Address : 386-0601 Echo-Valley, Nagawa-town, Nagano-pref., JAPAN
Host(s) : Kunio Takizawa
Phone : 05035831994
Fax : none
Email :
Website : B&B Countryinn Zephyr Website
Language(s) spoken : Japanese

バスルーム : 個別 Breakfast Style : コンチネンタル
喫煙 : No Smoking No 子供同伴 : No Children No
ペット : No Pets No インターネット環境 : No Internet No
車椅子 : No Wheelchair No 駐車場 : Yes Parking Yes
All rooms are with private bath, and the right side of stairs, there is a small Japanese style bathroom (an artificial radium spring).
Please wash your body and hair before getting into the bathtub, as the same water is used for all guests and we want to keep the water clean.

In the second floor of a high ceiling, six guest rooms (single,twin,triple beds room. all rooms are with private bath & toilet, a refrigerator) and an athenaeum room(with coffee of the free drink).

Being surrounded to the clear air and a green soft breeze and the quietness to feel as if time reversed, spend one day of the trip in Nagano at home.

Payment & Polices
料金 Range : 9400-11500 JPY
Payment Methods : Visa Master Amex
Check In/Check Out : 15:00/11:00
Cancellation : Cancellation Policy:
No charge will be made if we receive notice of cancellation in writing (e-mail) more than 7 days before the reservations date.

If cancellation in writing (e-mail) is received 7 days to 1 day before the reservation date, the charge will be 4,000 yen per person per night.

If cancellation is made on the reservation date or you do not contact us, you will be charged 100% of the per person rate.

Policies : -

Area Activities
What to see & do : KIRIGAMINE-Highland,
50 minutes walk from Zéphyr, at a height of 1600-1800 meters, is the extensive plateau, noted for its many alpine flora, many wild birds, butterflies and panoramic mountain view of The Japan Alps, Volcano Asama, even as far as Mt. Fuji.

You may enjoy a half-day or whole-day trekking around Kirigamine.
As one of Japan's finest winter playgrounds, the Venus Line Ski-area offers
powder snow and commplete clear sky.
Echo-valley ski-resort is 300 meters from Zéphyr, and 10-20 minutes drive to
Blanche Takayama or Kurumayama ski-resorts.

Here, as so many parts of Japan, natural hot springs "onsen" flow out.
You may enjoy "onsen" bathing at "suzuran-no-yu" , 10 minutes drive from Zéphyr.

HISTORIC STROLL around Ueda city or Suwa city.
At Ueda, many wooden three-storied pagodas of the Kamakura period (13th century)
are designated as national treasure and attract visitors all over Japan.
The ruins of Uedajo castle and the historic road "Hokkokukaido" will guide you
to the Edo period(17th-19th century). (1 hour drive from Zéphyr)

The lake-side city Suwa is well-known by the Suwa-taisha shrine
(famous "Onbasira" festival is to be held every 6 years),
"onsen" and Japanese Sake breweries(Cella Masumi etc). (1 hour drive from Zéphyr)
Nearby town(s) : Chino-city

By Car, B&B Country Inn Zéphyr is 45 minutes drive from Suwa-minami IC or Suwa IC of Chuo Expressway.

by car from Tokyo :
Tokyo ---(180km.Chuo HighWay)---→ Suwa IC---(22km.R152)---→
 Lake Sirakabako---(6km.R152etc.)---→ Echo Valley(B&B Country Inn Zéphyr)

Map :

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