Why not try an Individualized Smartphone Webpage?

You can create a link from your own B&B website to an Individualized Smartphone Webpage version of your profile registered at Bed&BreakfastWeb.

smart phonesAmid the recent rapid growth in users connecting to the Internet with devices such as iPhones and Android phones, it is urgently necessary to add support for them to your own B&B website in order to avoid missing out on customers.

We have made it possible for Premium members at Bed&BreakfastWeb, as a special feature at no additional fee, to make use of their own smartphone websites.


We recommend it to those in need of a smartphone website right away.
We believe this is currently the most inexpensive way to obtain a smartphone webpage.

"Individualized Smartphone Webpage" implementation method

  1. First, register for membership at Bed&BreakfastWeb and upgrade to Premium Membership.
  2. Enter your profile information.
  3. Put a link on your own B&B website to the URL of the your smartphone webpage.
    (You will find the smartphone webpage URL is on your member page.)


There are two methods of linking.

A. Creating this link to the smartphone webpage - simple way

*To use [USER ID], please replace it with your ID.

<a href="https://www.bedbreakfastweb.com/mobile.cgi?id=[USER ID]">Mobile View</a>


B. Linking with the automatic forwarding script - precise way

* It can go right before </head> or also within <body>
function setCookieBBW(key, value) {
document.cookie = key + '=' + value + ';expires=';
function getCookieBBW(key) {
var keyValue = document.cookie.match('(^|;) ?' + key + '=([^;]*)(;|$)');
return keyValue ? keyValue[2] : null;
var agent = navigator.userAgent;
if(agent.search(/iPhone/) != -1 || agent.search(/iPod/) != -1 || agent.search(/Android/) != -1 || agent.search(/BlackBerry/) != -1 || agent.search(/Windows Phone/) != -1){
if(document.referrer != 'https://www.bedbreakfastweb.com/mobile.cgi?id=[USER ID]' && getCookieBBW('viewmode') != 'pc'){
location.href = "https://www.bedbreakfastweb.com/mobile.cgi?id=[USER ID]";
setCookieBBW('viewmode', 'pc');

* Link somewhere in your B&B webpage to the smartphone webpage.

<a href="javascript:void(0)" onClick="setCookieBBW('viewmode', 'm'); location.href='https://www.bedbreakfastweb.com/mobile.cgi?id=[USER ID]';">Mobile View</a>



Method B uses cookies and allows smartphone users to browse PC sites.
With method A, smartphone users can only browse smartphone webpages. Please use either A or B.

To use [USER ID], please replace it with your ID.

Please note:

This feature is in effect only for Premium members. After the Premium time limit runs out, and membership becomes Basic, the "Individualized Smartphone Webpage" is no longer shown.



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